A book for brown skinned girls

In a world where brown-skinned people are constantly being told that they are hated and unloved, that they are lesser than, that they have to fight so much harder for anything that they want than their peers, it is easy to forget the positives. A lot of young black children have been exposed to the news and are aware of the consequences that racism may have on their lives. The trauma that they face as a result of racism and ‘education or preparation for what lies ahead’ could lead to some young people giving up before they have even begun.

Therefore, it is important to always qualify the toxicity of the world around us with empowerment and encouragement. So that we are not raising children who are dejected from the get-go. My experience as a young black woman inspired me to write this book. To remind them that ‘black’ is not an ethnicity. Black people are doing great things all around the world. Even if they can not see the representation in their community, I hope that they can see it in this book.